November 20, 2017

Surgical Technologist Schools

Surgical Technologist schools are likely to be found in a variety of places. It’s thought by most people in the medical field that this field will only continue to expand over the next few decades, since our population is increasing and the life spans of adults is getting longer. When you begin to choose a school, you need to make sure that you choose an accredited school, and that you meet the qualifications to get a certificate in your state. Unfortunately, more than one person has found it difficult to do so because of minor problems with the law in the past.

It is very important to choose the right school. Although a variety of factors will go into the decision you make about your school, the most important factor should be that the program you choose is CAAHEP accredited. If your school is not accredited, you will not be eligible to take the CAAHEP exam, and your career opportunities as a Surgical Technologist will be greatly diminished. Your salary will reflect the missing accreditation as well.

A school that is accredited and has 18 campuses in the United States is Virginia College. At this time, all of the Virginia Colleges allow aspiring Surgical Technologists the opportunity to get Associate degrees. Although you should always verify the status of the campus nearest you, if you live in or near any of the following campuses, these might be appropriate for you:

1) Austin, Texas
2) Columbia, South Carolina
3) Montgomery, Alabama
4) Pensacola, Florida
5) Biloxi, Mississippi
6) Jackson, Mississippi
7) Birmingham, Alabama
8 ) Richmond, Virginia
9) Macon, Georgia
10) Charleston,. South Carolina
11) Birmingham, Alabama
12) Augusta, Georgia
13) Baton Rouge, Louisiana
14) Jacksonville, Florida
15) Greenville, South Carolina

It is also important to note that schools are known to change their programs as the needs of the community nearest them evolves. That means that if you are aware of a Virginia College near you, it might be a good idea for you to give them a call. Just because they are not on the list of Virginia Colleges that offers Surgical Technologist training now, doesn’t mean that they will not decide to add that program five minutes after you’re reading this. In the same vein, any of these campuses that I mentioned could decide to do away with their programs as well. A good point about that is that most likely, if the campus that is closest to you does not offer the possibility of becoming a Surgical Technologist, they will probably be able to tell you who can help you.

The Everest Family

Everest Institute is another school with several locations all over the country. According to, as of February 2011, they have campuses in:

1) Hialeah, Florida
2) Miami, Florida
3) Marietta, Georgia

Another part of the Everest family of schools is Everest College. Everest College is an open admittance facility that specializes in some of the careers that are expected to experience stability and growth for the future. They are similar to community and technical colleges in that the majority of the programs you will find here can be completed in two years or less. You may also find, depending on certain factors present in your own community, that the Everest schools tend to be more expensive then public colleges. If you live in any of the following areas, you may have found your future Alma Mater.

1) Reseda, California
2) Thornton, Colorado
3) Merrville, Tennessee
4) West Valley City, Utah

Everest University is the third and final branch of the Everest School family tree. They are more limited in their locations, and at this time seem to only be found in Tampa, Florida. It is important to know that each school is a separate and distinct entity in its own right. Therefore, if you are still deciding which school you would like to attend, you will need to apply separately to each school that you are considering. You will need to provide paperwork to each school, and to list each school on your FAFSA if you are hoping to get financial aid for school.

In addition, you may find that many of the schools in your area that are private colleges that offer medical and office training may offer this type of education. Just a few questions will help you decide whether the school you are considering will meet your educational and career goals. Remember, this is a huge investment of both your time and your money, so try not to make a quick decision. If you are feeling unduly pressured, try to take a little while to be sure that you’re making a decision based on your own needs, expectations, and abilities, not a high-pressure speech from someone who wants you to go to their school.