November 20, 2017

Surgical Technologist Salary

Your Surgical Technologist Salary….What to Expect After Graduation

The salary that you can expect after graduation is probably one of the things you are wondering about most. Although the part of the country that you live in, as well as how much experience you have, is going to have a significant impact on your earning ability, there are certain standards that you should be able to assume as soon as you graduate.

So, You Went to School and Earned a Diploma

The Surgical Technologist who has recently graduated with a diploma, and is now looking for week will find themselves in something of a unique position. He or she will be able to use the contacts that were made while in school and during their internship in order to secure future employment. If this is you, then you should always make sure that you have put your best foot forward every step of the way during your education and training. You never know who is watching you, or even who might be considering your for a position that you don’t even know is available.

The new graduate will have probably have several job offers once they are eligible for employment. This is true, as long as you live in an area that has multiple possibilities for employment. Unfortunately, some people have had to re-locate or drive considerable distances in order to go to work. A Surgical Assistant’s salary, after you have passed the appropriate state or federal exams, you can expect to make a competitive starting wage. It’s difficult to be able to accurately state exactly how much you’ll make because there are so many variables that go into that decision. Specifically, things like the size of the hospital that you’ll be working in,the shift that you will be working, and even how much hours per shift that you’ll be working, will all have an impact on your paychecks.

In general, if you work in California or the New England area, you can expect to make more than your counterparts in other parts of the country. At least in part, that will be because you’ll have a higher cost of living in those areas. In some places, you will begin your employment at a lower salary, which will then increase after you have successfully completed your period of probational. It’s important to ask, at the time you’re hired, how much it might go up. That would be something that you can negotiate, but at the very least, you’ll need to know whether your wage will increase by fifty cents per hour, or five dollars an hour.

It is also important to keep in mind when you are considering your career options, that you are likely to make more, even immediately after graduation, if you have a degree, instead of simply the certificate. This is due to the fact that most employers consider candidates with a diploma to be more well-rounded education, and many even consider their skills to be more appropriate, because of the extra knowledge that they have acquired while they were in school.

So, You Have a Degree….What You Should Know About Your Surgical Technologist Salary

So, you already know that you will make more because you are certified than if you didn’t have one, and you know that your diploma means you’ll make more than people with a certificate. Did you also¬† know that if you chose to continue your education, you could make even more in the near future? That’s because Certified First Assistants are a valued and important part of the surgical team, and their additional training results in additional pay.

Although people who have earned a diploma are also eligible for this program, some employers still prefer to put either someone with a lot of experience, a diploma, or both into this position. The average Surgical Technologist salary, as of 2008, was $38, 740. The median fifty percent of those employees received a salary that was between $32, 490 and $46,910 each year. Although you will probably see or hear similar figures on a regular basis while you are in school, as well as when you are deciding what type of education you’re seeking, you should always remember that those are average salaries. As a result, you are very likely to make less immediately after graduation, and for several years. It takes time, and dedication, to earn those figures.

Where is This Industry Going in The Future?

With so many jobs disappearing or requiring fewer people to do the same amount of work, as well as the current financial status in the United States, it’s vital to find a career that offers job security and financial rewards. It’s been estimated that the field of Surgical Technology will grow as much as 25% over the next few years. That means that you are likely to be able to get and keep your job, as long as you are able to successfully complete all of the requirements for employment.

In this field, approximately 25% of the Surgical Technologists will be male and 75% will be female. Additional estimates include that out of all the Surgical Technologists in the country, 8% of them will have one year or less of experience in the field. Approximately 42% of us have been here at least one year, but less than four, while 23% have been working for 5-9 years. Another 19% are experienced veterans with 10-19 years, and the final 8% are seasoned workers who have been doing this for 20 years or more.

Those statistics mean that while you are doing your externship, as well as anytime you change hospitals or departments within the hospital, you are likely to be working with more experienced staff. As a result, you’re likely to have a lot of support, including answers to the pressing questions you’re going to have.

This is obviously a growing field, with a lot of potential for future employment and promotions. As with any career, you’ll have to work hard, get noticed, and promote yourself, but the sky is the limit. You could certainly move into a supervisory position, with more responsibility and higher pay, you could specialize in certain departments, or you could just go to work and enjoy your life every day.

The important thing is to make sure that you’ve made the right decision for yourself in the first place!