November 20, 2017

Physical Demands of a Surgical Technologist Career

If you’re considering a career as a surgical technologist, or you’ve already decided and are working toward that goal, the educational and technical training requirements of the job have likely been the main focus of your efforts.

To become a surgical technologist requires completion of a specialized academic program at an accredited community college or technical school and a sufficient score on the national certification exam. The rigors of the program and test can be significant and for many students that alone is a massive undertaking. While engrossed in study, other activities – particularly recreation and leisure – frequently fall to the side and result in a slide into unhealthy behavior.

This can be a big problem once a surgery technologist candidate because an actual working professional.

Surgical technologists are responsible for a range of activities such as preparing an operating room for a procedure; assisting in the actual operation; transporting patients; and cleaning and restocking the operating room. They must be able to lift about 60 pounds as a regular part of the job and be comfortable functioning with a high level of dexterity in a stress-charged environment. Standing and staying alert for long periods of time are additional requirements.

This level of necessary stamina is not something that is maintained without effort. Surgical technologists should put significant effort into learning how to build muscle mass fast. This can be done by participating in a comprehensive physical fitness program that places focus on both building muscle and developing cardiovascular endurance.

It is important, especially when starting out, not to over-exert and become injured. When working out, be sure to use lighter weights while lifting in cycles with higher repetitions. Be sure to work all muscle groups and alternate training days to give muscles sufficient time to recover.

Cardiovascular components may include exercise such as running, walking, bicycling, swimming and aerobics. But it can also include other activities such as participation in a team sport or even dance. These workouts should be done about two or three days each week.

While participating in a training program, it is imperative to remember that proper eating is important. You will be burning significant calories that must be replaced for the body to function correctly. High protein and calorie foods will aid muscle development while properly fueling the body.

Any physical fitness effort requires committed focus. Set achievable goals so that you remain motivated. Remember the physical benefits of being physically fit will be of considerable assistance every day as a surgical technologist.