November 20, 2017

Finding Your First Surgical Technician Job

There are a few jobs that even with the current economic situation being experienced in the United States and other parts of the world, are still able to offer job security. And although many different industries are having a tough time these days, surgical technologists are greatly in demand. That demand is only going to go up in the next few years.

However, even though you have graduated and you are perfectly qualified for the jobs that you are applying for, you may still have have to work hard to get your first job offer. Remember back when you were a teenager and trying to get your first job? Did anyone ever tell you that it’s hard to get a job without experience, and it hard to get experience without a job? Well, this is another situation where that saying is still very true.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks that can help you get your foot in the door. All you need is one job offer, and the worry is done! First, obviously you did your best to make a good impression on teachers, administrators, and co-workers while you were in school, If you’re still in school, and you’re reading this to see what you can do to improve your chances of gainful employment after graduation, read carefully. Be observant, be punctual, ask the right questions, and assume that everyone’s watching you all the time, especially while you are doing your clinical training hours…because they probably are.

It’s somewhat common for at least a few students to receive job offers from the hospital or clinic that they are training at, before they have even graduated, because they impressed the right people at the right time. If you are one of the lucky few, you’re very fortunate to be able to avoid the hassles that your fellow students are enduring.

Even if you didn’t get a job offer, but you got along well with your teacher, or you had some interesting conversations about your skills or patient care with someone at the hospital, take a chance and ask them if you can use them as a reference or if they would be willing to write you a recommendation. Either of those could very easily go a long way towards canceling out your lack of experience.

Other Tricks They Won’t Tell You

Another fact of life is that if you can get the person in charge of hiring to notice or remember you, in a positive way, you’re halfway to the point you need to be. I’m not suggesting a scented resume,or a resume that’s delivered by courier, but try to find out specifics about the job openings, and personalize your resume to those guidelines. You may have to work extra hard to land your first Surgical  Technician job.

If there is a job opening in nephrology, spend a little extra time studying up on kidneys. Then, talk about  your vested interest in kidneys, dialysis, and transplants (in a tasteful way, of course) on your resume. Let’s be honest, it won’t be a lie to say that you are fascinated by kidneys. You’d probably be fascinated by much worse, if it meant a good job and a regular paycheck in your chosen field, right?

Another hint that you may not know about is something that used to be common, but seems to have fallen out of favor in our generation. If someone there takes a moment to speak with you about your resume or a job opening, even if it’s over the phone, be sure to send a thank you note. I’ve spoken to people who tell me that they could easily do at least a few hundred interviews each year, and they might get half a dozen thank you cards if they’re lucky. You see, they remember the people who sent each card, and remember what I said about getting them to remember you? It’s half the battle. And  I’ve never known anyone who doesn’t want to work with a polite, friendly person who can’t wait to get to work.

Letting Your School Help You Get a Job

Many schools now offer at least some sort of job placement assistance, particularly to their almost- graduates and recent graduates. Don’t be afraid to ask, and if the first people they set you to talk with don’t result in job offers, ask your school for more help. You may very well work as many hours a week finding a job, as you did while you were in school, because finding a job these days can be a full time job, in and of itself.

The same job tricks that you probably know about from looking for jobs previously still apply here, so I won’t bore anyone by talking about the tricks that most people know. I know people who had job offers before they graduated, I know people who had multiple offers within a month of graduation, and I knew one person who took almost a year to become employed. Just remember, you are trying to sell your skills to the highest bidder, and when you’re looking for your first Surgical Technician job, the highest bid may be the only bid until you have some actual experience to boast about.