November 20, 2017

A flourishing Career in Surgical Technology

What Surgical Technology means?

ST is a job in medical field and as a part of the profession; the surgical technology is divided basically into two core types like sterile and non sterile. The non sterile is called as anesthesia provider or circulatory and the sterile is known as pathologist or radiologist. In the sterile group, the members are basically surgical assistant or the STSR (surgical technologist) who scrubs the area of operation. Any job associated with the surgical technology or the medical field has to be very responsible because the profession is strict and no mistakes are ever tolerated. There are various equipments required in any operation and the surgical devices like the surgeon masks, hand gloves and surgical equipments like the scissors and the scalpels are essential.

What does an ST(Surgical Technologist) does?

Today the Surgical Technology has improved a lot and the people working under the designation of ST’s must be aware of all the latest technological developments. This will improve the facilities in the hospitals or care centers. The St’s have to adapt well to work with new technological developments in surgical equipments and methods in the operation theater. There are many training and certifications courses available online or you can even learn it by an internship program in any hospital where you will be practically trained as well. There are many sterile techniques and the fundamentals of asepsis which are strictly to be followed by ST’s and other surgical members. Adecco USA temp staffing services can also help you if you are looking for temp staffing services related to surgical tech

In the Surgical Technology there are modules taught in proper conduction of approach in OT and devices. All the devices must be available inside the OT near the surgeon and the supply must be as per the need that should be fulfilled soon. In surgical technology, it is also taught that a person must be very patient and understanding towards the patient and realize their importance as well. The ST medical aspirant must be aware of the pathological conditions and physiology with basic anatomy too; this makes the operative procedure a well planned one to make the patient feel comfortable.

There are many sterile and non sterile tasks that are being performed by ST as per the basic principles of surgical technology. There is management in each phase like the Preoperative management. The protective equipment and the operating room must be ready with the attires before an operation.

  • Gather the crucial supplies and equipment after the OT is prepared.
  • Scrub the sterile gown and count the necessary equipments too.
  • It is also important to assist the teams during the entry in the sterile field in surgical technology and now drape the operative place.
  • There is an Intra-operative Management in surgical technology field like the:
  • Pass instrumentation, supplies and equipment to the assistant and surgeon if required by maintaining the sterile field.
  • Count the important items in OT, dressing application and the specimen care is also important.
  • Medication handling and preparation is also essential.
  • There are many activities in the Postoperative Management too.